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Are you afraid of being alone or being in a loving relationship?

Do you fear being alone and never finding that loving relationship you so desire? What if you don't meet that someone special? These are the common fears that single men and women usually harbour. Interestingly, the unconscious mind is always moving us from what we fear. Its job it thinks is to keep us safe and within our comfort zone. The irony, however, is that if you are alone and single you may actually not be afraid of being alone but the opposite, of being in a loving relationship.

It may sound strange but is indeed a fact,...

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Ageing and falling in love

Many of us, as we advance in age, give up on the idea of being in a relationship. It is because we associate love with beauty and youth. On the contrary, love has less to do with both these concepts. Advancing age starts gripping us with the fear of our time running out. Our physical body that epitomises the idea of beauty and youth also starts appearing unattractive to us.

Our traditions and culture, media as well as advertisements further play a huge role in showing love as a domain of the young only. We fear approaching love l...

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Online dating! Why does it not work for me?

One of the easiest ways to meet a partner these days is through online dating. It is while sitting in the comfort of our home that we can use this virtual medium to meet a potential partner from anywhere in the world. In fact, dating has never been so easy, as is in our current times.

However, the concept of dating is very recent, especially in certain cultures. Many of us, after the initial hesitation, do end up there, in order to meet the love of our life. But this relatively new medium comes with its own set of challenges.


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Have your past relationships crippled you?

As we decide to take the reins of our life back and get out of the relationship that should have been long over, many of us try to heal our broken heart. A slow and painful process of dwelling on our life and the relationship which has left us feeling scarred ensues.

Some of us eventually get over our heartbreak. We gather courage and decide to give ourselves another chance. But for many others, even after deep contemplation, reflection and analysis the very idea of another relationship seems frightening.

For such people, ...

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Why do we experience loneliness even while we are in a relationship?

As social beings, we like to share our joys, sorrows and happiness with people around us. It is also common to feel lonely if we do not have anyone to share our lives with. Interestingly, it is not only singles that battle loneliness, but some couples also experience it even while being in a relationship and despite the presence of a partner in their lives.

Once in a relationship, we assume that our partner will understand us completely and at all levels. But when that does not happen, we start feeling alienated. A sense of lonel...

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