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Ageing and falling in love

Many of us, as we advance in age, give up on the idea of being in a relationship. It is because we associate love with beauty and youth. On the contrary, love has less to do with both these concepts. Advancing age starts gripping us with the fear of our time running out. Our physical body that epitomises the idea of beauty and youth also starts appearing unattractive to us.

Our traditions and culture, media as well as advertisements further play a huge role in showing love as a domain of the young only. We fear approaching love lest we are accused of being ‘too old to be in love’.

To overcome our dread of ageing, we need to understand the concept of Persona. Persona is that part of our personality which we identify the most with. It is formed in our early childhood and helps us to relate to the world at large. However the opposite qualities of this Persona enter into our unconscious mind and then play out in our adult life.

This impacts our love life significantly. Most of us have a persona of ‘youth and beauty’ associated with love. Advancing age brings about the unconscious aspect of this persona which is old age and ugliness. It is this unconscious aspect of our mind that creates trigger against the age. We start associating age with lack of appeal.

By working with the limitation created by our own mind, we can shift our perspective towards ‘Aging and Love’. Age brings with it wisdom and understanding. After having traversed the pressure of settling in, careers and other cultural and family obligations, age allows us to shift our attention to the most natural desire of every human being; the desire to love and receive love.

‘Life really does begin at forty, up until then you are just doing research’
- Carl Jung
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