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About Me

About Me

My name is Ramneek Kaur. Born and brought up in India; the land of mystics, monks and mythology. I was intrigued by the mysteries of the mind from an early age. Though I grew up to become an entrepreneur and started working with handcrafted products, my interest in philosophy, psychology and spiritualism was never ancillary. Therefore I formally studied this area and went on to attaining a Master’s program in Jungian Life Coaching. Now I am a certified relationship coach.

Success in business came naturally to me but when it came to love and relationship, like many others, I too struggled. My business was flourishing but in the matters of heart, I was forlorn. I realised there was something deeper that I was unable to comprehend. And that something within me was a hindrance to my desire of being in a relationship. Thus, I started searching for answers to my so-called failure in love.

As I started studying the JLC model and working with a personal coach, I discovered an entirely new world of wisdom and empowerment. Soon, I began getting answers to my questions. The transformative knowledge that I received from JLC liberated me.

Then began the process of applying this knowledge into my daily life, especially in relationships. Slowly the trajectory of my love life began to transform. The other arduous relationships in my life also started changing.

‘Why do I need to work on my relationships with other family members?’  I asked my coach. ‘The mind you have in dealing with these relationships is the same that you will have while you are with the love of your life.’  He responded. My coach’s insight had a tremendous impact on me.

As my coach says, ‘the most valuable asset to invest in, is your own mind’ and as Carl Jung explains, ‘unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate’

As I started to work with a higher knowledge and tools taught by my coach, I noticed a new non-reactive response to similar events. This was the beginning of the transformation of my old unconscious mindset. I started feeling happier and more centred. It manifested in my life externally in many ways.

My relationship towards my body and health changed as I learnt to work with my emotions instead of pushing them away. I started knowing and expressing what I want from life. The relationship that I was seeking from a partner, I learnt to cultivate it within myself and noticed the evidence of it externally.

In a nutshell, life is far more wonderful than what it has been. Although it may seem so but life is not constant and permanent. This work has enabled me to work with the ever-changing nature of it. JLC has equipped me to deal with all that life presents which may appear to us as challenges, mundaneness and difficulties, from a more neutral perspective. The duality of whatever we create has become more evident to me. JLC has transformed my relationship with my own self. I am also in a much happier state of mind than ever before; a feeling that emerges from a deeper and inward voyage.

Not only has this work enabled me to cultivate the love within me that I have been looking for externally but also to find my higher purpose, which is to walk the path with these incredible higher teachings. And teach and share it with others who are seeking to find their own path and purpose.

Coaching Method

I work with individual clients. The first step is to understand their goals and expectation of the program. Once I have clarity on what exactly they are seeking, I tailor-make the program as per the client's requirement. Thereafter, the coaching commences.

Since this is an online program, I work with my clients over phone calls, emails, call recordings, visualisation recordings and study material. Various tools and practices that enable the client to progress towards their goals, is also provided during the program.

Program Duration

This depends upon the client's engagement in the process as well as his/her satisfaction. Just as exercise is beneficial if one makes it a lifestyle, so too success is achieved when one generates a constant mindset towards it. Working with a coach helps to create that frame of mind.