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The Program

Jungian Life Coaching (JLC)

It combines the study of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist as well as Eastern wisdom.

JLC Coaching

JLC coaching is a transformational process. By enabling you to move forward in the areas of life that you have been struggling with, it brings about an internal shift, propelling you to grow and create a life you desire.

Why JLC?

No person is damaged or broken. Hence, no one needs any kind of ‘fixing’ to change. The real change happens at the level of the Unconscious. Therefore, to transform the Conscious, Carl Jung’s model of understanding the mind invokes the Unconscious.

JLC works at three levels - Psychology, Jungian Psychology and Eastern Wisdom. It also has three principles - the mindset of success, the psychology of transformation and deeper elements of the eastern philosophy. Jung used the profundity of eastern philosophy to expound his distinctive model of individual psychology.

The purpose of JLC is to help people individuate from their ego to self-realisation. It is to free the mind from its misperception of reality and initiate a journey into the self.

The deeper shifts in the mind that one accomplishes with JLC inevitably manifests externally. New opportunities and abundance start reflecting in different aspects of people’s lives. It empowers people to explore full potential in relationships, success and wealth. It also elevates emotional maturity and the ability to relate to others.

Apart from bigger life struggles, this Depth Psychology imparted by Carl Jung helps in resolving triggers that tend to arise in our day to day lives.

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

The primary aim of the therapy model is to get a person to perform at a normal functioning level. However, with JLC coaching, the idea is to inspire and impel people to achieve their full potential. The aim of JLC coaching is to elevate an individual's life and affluence.


A part of the proceeds from my earnings as a coach will go towards my livelihood project Shepherdcrafts kashmir. You can access information about it on Facebook @Shepherdcrafts kashmir and on Instagram @Almirahbooks.